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To sit or not to sit?

Many studies have been conducted on whether sitting or standing should be the way to go at work.The debate has been raging for quite some time now and truthfully for general health, the science jury is still out.

For spinal health however, research has shown that your health is more likely to be at risk when you sit than when you stand.

What is wrong with sitting down all day at work?

The short answer to this is:a great deal.

Studies have shown that sitting down all day is detrimental to your overall health. Some experts believe that“sitting is the new smoking”.

Being sedentary had been linked to heart disease, obesity, back problems, high blood sugar and cholesterol.

Additionally, people who sit the whole day have also complained of having more fatigue than those who stand or switch between standing and sitting.

Should I stand at work all day?

As the saying goes, too much of anything is harmful. Just as sitting all day long over a significant period can cost you your health, so can standing for too long.

Standing for prolonged periods of time can also lead to heart failure. According to research, blood tends to accumulate at the legs and the heart strains to pump it which eventually wears it out.

The position can also cause night cramps, varicose veins, back pain and clogged arteries.

Strive to strike a healthy balance

As mentioned earlier, the debate of sitting versus standing at work has been raging for ages. It’s due to this that the sit-stand desk came into being.

This ‘desk’ allows you to sit and take a break to stand, or vice-versa. It has several variations including the pedalling and treadmill desk.

Making changes isn’t so difficult

We understand everybody doesn’t have the luxury of having a fancy desk. In this case, you can arrange your office in such a way that will need you to walk about every so often.

For instance, if you print a lot, you can place the printer in the corridor, so you must walk to get your printouts. This ensures you take breaks without actually stopping your work.

You may also just stand and stretch every 20 minutes or so to reduce the strain on your spine.

Good posture is also very important. Whether you sit or stand, try not slouch forward too much whilst at your computer, and concentrate on staying upright. Maintaining good posture will ensure you remain in good musculoskeletal health. If need be, our clinicians can also provide you with ergonomic and postural advice.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, taking care of your health depends on a balance in most aspects. You may not have a standing desk in your office or you may be standing all day at work. The important thing is to ensure you strike a balance in your activities.

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